Ideas that could win a

Mobius Blue Ribbon

(unless the idea already has)

Here are some ideas that could win a Mobius Blue Ribbon (unless someone else does it first). 

  1. Promoting the concept of a word like riar on social media in some new or big way.
  2. Teaching people about the root word RIAR (or some other word with a related meaning).
  3. Protesting using a word like RIAR whenever the fundamental cause of the problem was a decision-maker failing to RIAR.
  4. Super-protesting is an event calling for society's major decision-makers to RIAR.
  5. Running for pubic office on a platform of riaring.
  6. Making up your own new root word(s) related to The Golden Rule.
  7. Creating and/or running ads promoting riar or your own favorite related word.
  8. Grabbing related Web Domains like and make good use of them.
  9. Making a time capsule in case humanity self-extincts before a word like RIAR catches on (to show that some of us "got it").
  10. Scientific studies that test whether a word like RIAR can improve global happiness would be worth a Mobius Blue Ribbon even if they're replicating/verifying other studies.
  11. Boycotting unriarish people (whose victims past, present, and future would obviously not want you to vote or do business with their bullies).
  12. Doing something not yet on this list that promotes a word like RIAR. would love hearing about activities like those above regardless of whether someone else did them before.

This brainstorming web page serves is an evolving collection of ideas for actions that fans of the golden rule might be able to help humanity get along on this overpopulatable rock floating in space called Earth.

Sorry if some of the comments still seem rather unpolished, but the hope is that they might be enough to spark an idea in a few people.

We're sufficiently worried about extreme antiriarists that we truly hope lots of other people take some or all of these ideas and run with them as their own.