Have you ever been puzzled about why people aren't nicer to each other?  Here is one way to depuzzle it.
This is for everyone who would like to make the world a happier place.

The problem:  Social Unrest.  Many people think there are far too many separate issues and protests happening - too many to deal with.

One possible solution: By assigning a word to the fundamental underlying cause common to nearly all protests and social unrest, everyone will more easily see that there's really only one main problem:  The small number of people who are so uncivilized that they do things to others that even they would publicly protest if roles were reversed with those harmed by their own decisions.  Civilized people will naturally shun such uncivilized people once they perceive them clearly, thanks to a new root word for what it should mean to be civilized.

Proposed new word =  RIAR     (Please help rejuvenate this Old-Irish word somewhat related to decision-making (administration/management) by redefining RIAR to be about GOOD (or at least not terrible) decision-making.)

RIAR (alternative spelling: RYR)
  1. verb:   To decide NOT to do to others anything you'd complain about if it were done to you.  Example sentence:  Truly civilized people never need to be told to RIAR.
  2. imperative verb:   Stop doing to others what you'd protest if you exchanged roles with those harmed by your own decision.  Example sentence:  Imagine the power of crowds roaring "RIAR, RIAR, RIAR" and one-word RIAR signs making the perfect demand at almost every protest demonstration.
  3. noun:  A decision, action, or thing that does NOT harm or threaten others to a degree that those responsible would obviously protest if roles were reversed.  Example sentence: The daily news makes me say "That ain't a RIAR" over and over.

How is it that so many of us could fail to see that practically all social movements are responses to the same thing: people breaking The Golden Rule not by a little, but in a big, obvious and deliberate way?  (so big that people repeatedly protest publicly)

Could part of our blindness be due to something as simple as the lack of a root word like RIAR?
Can you think of any major protest that is NOT due to unRIARness?
There aren't many!

After adopting the word RIAR into your everyday lexicon, its concept should soon become a tool for your brain to think and perceive.  Most of the social unrest in the world may then suddenly appear to be as cases of the same fundamental thing:  UNRIARNESS

  For an enjoyable way to learn how important words are to how our brains perceive, please listen to this excellent podcast segment from the National Science Foundation sponsored National Public Radio show called Radiolab entitled:  "Why Isn't the Sky Blue?"

It's an excerpt from the last ~20 minutes of:   https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/radiolab/episodes/211119-colors
The excerpt begins by telling a story about how normal it has been for languages to acquire a name for the color red first while blue has always been last primary color to be named.
As a civilization matures, could names for abstract moral concepts similarly follow a normal sequence too? 

Without a word like RIAR, could we be as blind to spotting unRIARness as the Himba people (~minute 11) without a word for the color blue seem blind to a simple thing like .... the color blue?
Isn't it amazing that we didn't already have a word like RIAR?  It's almost embarrassing.
(Note that the word doesn't actually have to be either RIAR or RYR.  The main idea here is just that we're overdue for such a word.)

Just as "blue didn't matter" (in the excerpt) until people could make blue, there's hope that global communication may enable humanity to finally make RIAR

With a single word, it may be possible to unify and reframe practically all major protests that have ever happened into a single movement rallying around the same common cause that they all share:  a demand to stop doing to others what those being protested would protest if they switched places with those harmed by their own bad decisions. 

RIARism may very well be the next major step in humanity's self civilization process.  It's time to take it.  Adding a word to our vocabulary does not have to be very hard.  Please help teach RIAR.

Let's attack the root problem underlying most of the world's social ills with a root word like RIAR and make the world a happier place.

Please help raise humanity's consciousness to the next level by adding a long overdue word to our mental toolboxes.

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