FREE TOOLS for humanity's mental toolboxes

We hope that with help from a few more (free) tools, most humans will be able to figure out how to pursue their happiness WITHOUT doing to others what they would OBVIOUSLY NOT want done to themselves.

Fully civilized people never neglect this pair of steps when making decisions:

1.  Imagine fully exchanging roles with everyone affected by each decision you
so one can then

The following simple (& free!) tools could significantly advance our self-civilization process if people like you help them catch-on.  


    A root word that can tell people who have obviously decided to break THE GOLDEN RULE in some big, obvious way....that they are behaving less than fully civilized.

  • If you don't have such a word in your vocabulary, consider making one up!  It could help to have more than one catch-on!
  • Alternatively, adopt one (or all) from the collection at:
  • Combine the root word(s) with your favorite prefixes and suffixes to add a versatile toolset to your mental toolbox.


   A graphic symbol to convey that same basic message:  Hey, don't break the golden rule so badly!

  • Here's one based on the single sided object known as a "mobius strip" ---> 
  • It's as single sided as the decision NOT to break the golden rule is for civilized people.
  • A half-twist mobius strip with the correct length to width ratio (~5.2:1) can be flattened into a hexagon baring a retro-cool resemblance to the "peace sign" popular in the 1960s. --->
  • Making up your own graphic is also welcome.  The main idea here is that we need ways to ask decision-makers to apply the golden rule's simple thought experiment of exchanging places so they can at least ACT civilized.

The front is connected to the
                back with a half twist. Can you see a resemblance to the
                1960s peace sign?

                  symbol from


   A hand signal that asks:  Can't you at least stop breaking the golden rule in big, obvious ways?

  • One idea is to mimic the 60 degree angle within the mobius strip symbol. --->
  • Among fans of the golden rule , the hand signal conveys like-mindedness.
  • It has a retro-cool resemblance to the "hand peace sign" from the 1960s.--->
  • Note: to get to 60 degrees, most people will need to have their palm roughly perpendicular to the person being signaled.
  • Making up your own hand signal is also welcome since each of these suggested tools will probably be demeaned by rich golden-rule-breakers.  A sequential series of symbols, signals, and root words may eventually be needed as each one gets attacked.
It's like the 1960s Peace
                Sign except to mimic the 60 degree angle rotate your
                wrist and bend one finger at the knuckle.

Hand Peace
                    Sign from

BONUS TOOL:  You can use Mobius Blue Ribbons as tools to help the above tools catch-on.  

(Tools for tools!)

Click to see how you can earn or make a Mobius Blue

Click here for some ideas for ways to earn a Mobius Blue Ribbon.

The National Science Foundation sponsored National Public Radio Show Radiolab created these 2 excellent segments highlighting how critical words are to thinking and perceiving:

Without an action-word for the act of applying "The Golden Rule", will we remain blind to its violators somewhat like the Himba people in the above clip seem blind to the color blue?
Are there significant regions of the moral spectrum that simply have no words assigned to them yet?  (and remain practically invisible)
Might there be a normal progression to the assignment of names along the moral spectrum just as there was for the color spectrum?

After listening, ask yourself whether team-humanity has been bad at ballot-box questions in a similar way as the people who lacked "think-words" were at the toy-box question.
Are you amazed that humanity has survived inventing nukes so long before inventing root words for "doing" the Golden Rule?